Love Coupons!

Hello March!

One of my most favorite things to do is find amazingly creative projects on Pinterest. From new recipes, home decor ideas and of course ways to make my marriage even better. I will be the first to admit there is so much stuff on there that sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the possibilities of things I could possibly create. So this month I will be weeding through sharing marriage building activities, DIY project and even date night ideas

Up first is a super cute coupon book that I found from Kendra John.

These coupons are great because they are a long-lasting gift. It might be 2 months before your spouse has cashed in on all the cards.

Love Coupons Included:

  8 Blank Cards
• Kid Free Night
• Back Scratch
• Foot Rub
• Breakfast in Bed
• Washed & Cleaned Car
• Movie Night – Your Pick
• Dinner of Your Choice
• Get Out Of Jail Free
• Date of Your Choice
• Romantic Night In
• Weekend Getaway
• Wish Granted
• Day Controlling the Remote
• Guys Night Out
• Win An Argument
• Afternoon Nap

You can use the 8 blank cards and make up your own love coupons! Visit Kendra’s website to download your coupons by clicking here


Jennifer Allen