Nwogwugwu Love

How did you meet? A chance encounter via social media but he couldn't quite come up with the words to say.

  • What did you first think of your partner? Endy: I felt she was a reserved and well mannered lady. Denika: first impression was wowwwww he's soooo tall lol then i noticed how affectionate and personable he was. He had kind eyes that glowed when he smiled.

  • How did you start dating? Great conversation led to an R&B date night at The House of Blues. We danced and laughed all night and every available opportunity after that we were inseparable.

  • How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship? How would others describe it?

  • Tell me three things you love about your partner.Denika: great communicator,considerate and selfless Endy: Very soft-spoken , intelligent, kind, great personality, awesome communicator and very affectionate.

  • How did the proposal happen?Memorial Day, I couldn't imagine a life without Denika , I went on my knees and then, asked her to spend the rest of her life with me and she said " yes"!

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